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Specialist Property Projects in Auckland

Our aim at Greystoke is to offer a complete and managed service for building maintenance and remedial projects across the Greater Auckland area. With a focus on high quality, cost efficency and great communication.

Our specialty and focus is on building envelope and weathertightness projects. Encompassing all aspects of building, roofing and waterproofing. In short we are all about fixing ‘leaky buildings’

We also have a passion for creating fantastic outdoor living areas. New deck builds, refurbishing existing decks and floating deck overlays across concrete patios or waterproof membranes balconies.

Whether you are a home or building owner, a property manager; residential, commercial or Body Corporate, we are the team to talk to.


- Building Projects -

Auckland has a history of bad building practice. Unfortunately for building owners this means there is usually always something that needs ‘fixing’ on their building. We at Greystoke love this kind of work and with our ‘total’ service we can handle any size project start to finish.

Specialising in ‘leaky buildings’ we are experts in the identification and remediation of ingress issues including; internal gutters, balconies, decks, roofs, flashings, joinery, and cladding to name a few areas traditionally effected by poor product choice or workmanship.

We are able to taylor a long term solution to these problems and fix them for good.

- Waterproofing -

If you have any type of external waterproofing system on your home or building that’s causing problems we are the team you need.

Old butyl rubber or bituminous torch-on applied in the 80s/90s is passed its ‘use by’ date and most likely requires some work.

Are building new and need an appropriate waterproofing system for a flat roof, internal gutter or balcony deck?

Technology with waterproofing membranes has come a long way and new systems are much better designed and formulated to handle New Zealands harsh environment.

Our key partnership with Viking Roofspec, NZ’s leading waterproofing membrane supplier, allows us the opportunity to provide you with the best possible solution for your waterproofing project.

- Outdoor Living -

Kiwis love a good deck. Outdoor living is a prerequisite of NZ life. Greystoke are able to work with you to create a great outdoor living area.

Whether using Proframe aluminium subframe system and Futurewood composite decking boards to overlay your waterproof membrane balcony or perhaps you have an unsightly concrete patio in your backyard there are options aplenty.

Lets not forget to mention we can take you right through the design and build of traditional timber framed decks, which may include a handrail system using glass, aluminium or timber.

Add in things like pergolas, screen fencing, gates, balustrades and you can see we have you covered.

Get in touch with the team to discuss the options for your project.

- Roofing -

We have long history with steel roofing. Although not a major part of what we do currently we do still perform all associated roofing and flashing works in house. Specialist flashings, Skylights, HVAC plant mounting and ‘Monkeytoe’ systems are all easily handled by our team.

- Asbestos -

With significant legislation changes around buildings containing asbestos (ACM) over recent years, building owners should be aware of ACM in their building. We are able to help with any asbestos related roofing, cladding, soffits, management, removal and disposal.