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Estuary View, Shelly Park

Estuary View, Shelly Park

The owner of this house was, to put it nicely, shafted by another membrane supplier. The original PVC membrane system had broken down so badly there was basically no pattern to the membrane with the surface being very ‘dusty’. The product was around 7 years old  and still within the stated ‘Warranty’ period but, needless to say, they turned their backs and wanted nothing to do with it.

With our successes with Viking Roofspec ‘DEC-K-ING’ trafficable PVC membrane system we knew this would do the job properly and also do the immaculately kept house justice.

Once we started pulling things apart however we came across a few nasty surprises. Badly installed outlets through the support columns had been leaking severely causing significant breakdown of the timber framing and boundary joist. Thankfully our team is well versed in dealing with this kind of thing so we were able to remediate the issues including all building work and plastering reinstatement.

Location: Shelly Park, Auckland
Job Type: Building Projects, Waterproofing, Outdoor Living

Along with the new DEC-K-ING PVC system to the adjusted deck substrate, we also completely relined the soffit line with ‘tongue n’ groove’ panelling and finished off  the perimeter with a frameless glass panel balustrade system with sharp looking black hardware.